"Collegiate Congress is the largest student advocacy organization governed by the elected Student Government and Student Senate Representatives from public, private and proprietary colleges/universities in New York City. We are the voice for the 800,000 students. We advocate for issues that matter for students in common. Our maiden initiative - MTA discounts for students, is an apt example to show what we stand for. We commit to better our community - students, in educating them of the sociopolitical culture and get them involved."

Sustainable Development Goal and Collegiate Congress

Collegiate Congress supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals-2030 Agenda. We are committed in promoting and practicing the SDG's especially SDG 4,5,11 and 16. As a staunch supporter of the SDG since our inception, we have served our best.  We have, over time, developed new methodology and initiatives complying to the norms of the SDG's.  

Support our initiative #InternationalDayofEducation or #InternationalEducationDay



Everyone interested to academics must get enrolled


Academic instituions must expand their syllabus by including social studies and civics.


Students must Engage in learing UN Studies in their academic curriculam, especially from 8th grade.




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