Presidential Election Result Watch Party

2016/11/08 8:00 PM pm - 12:00 PM pm
Manhattan NY, NY
Address: Manhattan, NY NY

Collegiate Congress cordially invites you to the "2016 Presidential Election Result Watch Party".

This election have seen a new progression in the electoral process. New ideas and policies and more candidates. Lets join together to welcome the New President of the United States of America.

Let our political differences be bygones. United we are, stronger we will be.

Join us on November 8th from 8.00 pm to Presidency at Jack Doyle's.

NB: The seats are limited. Watch out for the update. RSVP needed if seats getting filled up.

Vote for Gift
                            Vote for Gift

Terms and Conditions for the 'Vote for Gift'

Free Two House Drinks for (One Person)Who Write-in the Winner and the exact Voting Percentage.
Terms and Conditions :
a. Only Those Who Attend The Party. No Proxy. Should vote before 9.00 pm Nov 8th 2016.
b. If more winners, then it will be decided by a lottery. However, if they want to split the Four Drinks, is well appreciated....
c. This is non-transferable.
d. The Percentage Show/predicted As Soon The Winner Is Announced Will Be The Valid. (Example : at xx.xx pm/am time the winner is announced, the XX.X % at the moment is validated)

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