As student advocates, we raise our voice at the administrators and governments. The Proposal and Statements are the methods, we use to raise our voice. Most of our proposals are backed with surveys and petitions. Our proposals fall from nowhere. We take up issue matters to students-at-large. The Collegiate Congress, have taken an initiative to come to terms with organizations committed to building a better community. In this regard, we have reached out to the like-minded organization to prepare policies and proposals to the legislatures and to institutions to better the lives of students and youth.

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Proposal To The Mayor of New York for Youth/Student Activism on Campus

This proposal aims to promote the participation of students and young adults in sociopolitical activism. While our democracy turns 241 years old this year, political fragmentation and disillusionment can feel endemic, particularly among the youth who will someday occupy elected positions and make up an ever-larger share of the voting population. Collegiate Congress formed a nonpartisan coalition of youth political organizations – Democrat, Republican, and unaffiliated – to find a common ground and promote engagement. Our coalition is the most vocal actor in fostering this collaboration among the student population of New York City, towards common ends and with a shared motivation. One of the ways we do this is to increase participation in campus student government elections and club activities. This early form of activism has had a proven effect on civic engagement later on in life. With this worth goal in mind we submit our proposal to the New York City Council and the Mayor of New York City through Honorable Councilwoman Inez Barron, Chairman of Higher Education within the New York City Council.

Proposal Summary:

1) The establishment of the third week of April as “Collegiate Campus Election Week”

2) Election Victory Party the second week of September

Proposal To The Mayor of New York City For A Student Discount on MTA

The Chairman of Collegiate Congress Mr. Christo Thomas, sent a proposal to the Mayor of New York City for a student discount on MTA. The proposal asks for 30% on the 30Day Unlimited Metro Ride Card. This proposal will be cost-effective for students and economically beneficial for the MTA.


Joint Statement of SGA Presidents Opposing President Trump's Executive Order Banning Six Contries to US

SGA presidents and Senate Chairs across NYC campuses under the leadership of Ryan Thomas (Chairman, NYU Student Senate) and Brett Shanley (Vice -Chair, Columbia TC Student Senate) to President Trump on his Executive order to ban six countries entry to US. The student leaders believe that this order will halt the free movement of knowledge to and from our institutions.