Collegiate Internationals

Collegiate Internationals (CI) is a purely a higher education international students-run organization. It can best be imagined as an umbrella organization of all international students and international student groups at New York City’s many universities, one that understands their unique circumstances. Collegiate Internationals is an initiative of Collegiate Congress. As the leading student advocacy organization, Collegiate Congress is a Non-Governmental Organization comprising representatives of college student governments. By developing a cohesive voice, Collegiate Congress aims to lobby on behalf of otherwise separated constituents.

In addition, Collegiate Internationals will serve as a sort of ‘union’ advocating for international student interests. In the spirit of this union, we are laying foundation of this concept to different part of the world and bring the international student community together. They foresee this as a "golden initiative" to bring peaceful and harmonious student community across the world. They facilitate events, conferences, and lectures which allow the internationals to preserve their culture, share ideas, build professional networks, make friends, and have fun. They have established friendly and cooperative relationship with Consulates and Embassies to better serve our international student community.

Finally, we would like to underline that Collegiate Internationals, and Collegiate Congress extends its enduring support to the United Nations and its vision for the world. We therefore pledge to support and embody the values contained in the Sustainable Development Goals 2030 Agenda. As its global vision CI is expanding to two other international destinations with the same concept. This will enable us to bring the international student community more close and constructive in fulfilling our mission and objectives. The organization has been engaging heavily at the United Nations and has established relationships with Member States, Special UN Agencies and other NGOs within the institution over the past years.

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