Core Committee

Christo Thomas

Image — Chairman, The Master Plan

Mr.Christo Thomas is the Founder/Chairman of Collegiate Congress Inc. The Master Plan is his vision. As a student leader and an advocate for students and youth, he has demonstrated the best of his ability at New York City Council to the United Nations. From high-school leadership to elected political party youth leadership to university student governance he has proved his leadership skill. To his credit; apart from designing the historic International Relations and Global Diplomacy program in the United Nations, he is the architect of the United Nations General Assembly Resolution (A/RES/73/25) Adopted on Dec3rd,2018 on International Day of Education.

Peter Kwasi Kodjie

Image — Vice Chairman, The Master Plan

Peter Kwasi Kodjie (Mr.) is currently the Secretary General of the All-Africa Students Union (AASU), where he previously served as the Head of Research and Communications. He is one of the youngest to serve on the Board of the Ghana AIDS Commission, the Vice Chancellor’s Endowment Fund Committee at the University of Professional Studies Accra (UPSA), Technical Committees at the Ghana Standards Authority and International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Kodjie represented the students of Africa on the Tuning Africa Project Advisory Group (TAPAG), Phase II, and HAQAA Initiative - joint European Union-African Union projects on the Harmonization of the Higher Education space in Africa. Peter has a strong passion for leadership, youth empowerment, and human rights.

Katrina Koppel

Image — Vice Chairwoman, The Master Plan

Katrina Koppel, is Vice President of the European Students’ Union for the period 2018/19, previously a member of the Executive Committee of ESU. She is a student and civil society activist from Estonia having participated for over 7 years in the movement. Her research background is in political communication, and more specifically on populism. Katrina also has a long-standing experience in quality assurance of education; having served for two years in the Quality Assessment council of Higher Education at the Estonian Quality Agency for Higher and Vocational Education (EKKA). During her time there, she participated in multiple trainings both as participant and trainer for several topics such as ESG’s, feedback mechanisms, and recruitment. Katrina also has experience with training groups on creating strategies, action plans and plans of work.

Robert Napier

Image — Executive Director, The Master Plan

Robert Napier is the President of the European Students’ Union (2019-2020). Previously, he was appointed Vice President for the period 2018-2019. He holds a Bachelor of Laws (Hons.) and a Master of Advocacy from the University of Malta. Robert has a passion for Human Rights and is very keen on ensuring the understanding and implementation of the Social Dimension within the Higher Education area. Robert has been involved in the student movement for more than four years and has served on the National Students’ Council in Malta as Social Policy Commissioner, Secretary General and President.

Brett Shanley

Image — Communications Director, The Master Plan

Brett Shanley is the Vice Chairman of Collegiate Congress Inc. He is a PhD candidate at Columbia University, specializing in the teaching of writing. His dissertation, on the interplay of speaking/writing education and the development of character from the Ancient to modern period, is set for defense in Fall 2019. Brett is proud to have worked with Collegiate Congress since 2016, and has participated in partnerships with New York City Hall and the United Nations. He is also thoroughly enjoys his work as the host of the 'Diplomatic Forum' interview series, where Brett has been able to speak candidly about both political and personal issues with high-ranking UN officials. A native of Northern California, he has also loved working with the dynamic CC/Colligate International team from around the world.

Desiree Cai

Image — Project Development, The Master Plan

Desiree Cai is the National Union of Students National President for 2019. She studies a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in politics and international studies, and criminology at the University of Melbourne. In 2018 she represented students on campus as the President of the University of Melbourne Student Union. Within NUS Desiree is focused on ensuring the voice of students and young people are heard, both within universities and in wider politics. She has been a spokesperson for a range of student issues including changes to higher education and student welfare this year, and she wants to ensure that the student voice is prioritized and student unions are strong and well-funded across Australia.

Diana Baus

Image — Chief Coordinator,The Master Plan