Team of Delegates

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The most profound and active category, these will serve as the backbone of the research and program planning carried out within the Master Plan. They are all either elected or selected among the student leaders of academic institutions, handpicked from around the world.

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This is more socially and active delegates. These are the generally young professional representatives from organizations that include nonprofits, government agencies, youth political organizations, and so on. Most of the delegates are elected leaders into the political office or to governments.


The Master Plan is conducted by the Team of Delegates. Team of delegates is a consortium of elected student representatives of universities, national youth leaders of political organizations, student and youth leaders, youngest parliamentarians, celebrities and young entrepreneurs. A focus will be given to gender and national representation, as programming meant to have a global impact would ideally be developed by a diverse and global team. Fitting with the theme, we would also propose a youth-focus among the age from 21- 35 years making the majority. Taken together, this team would be comprised of four categories: Student Delegates, Political and Organizational Delegates, Awareness Delegate, and Corporate Delegates.

The Team of Delegates will lead by its Brand Ambassador. The Chief Delegates who are elected young political leaders or the babies of the Parliament, will assist the Team of Delegates. Each Delegate will have specific targets within the fundamental objectives.

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This includes members drawn from the corporate sector, as well as corporate sponsors who have signed on to assist with the implementation of the Master Plan.

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By far the smallest group, these are celebrities from film, music, sports, and other sectors, who will raise the awareness and profile of the IDE and related programs.

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They are often the Youngest Parliamentarians. The Chief Delegates are selected on specific criterions They leads the team of specific SDG of the Fundamental Objectives and works closely with the Chief Advisor of the Advisory Board. They also help with educating the Team of Delegates on governmental and legislative procedures.