Research and Analysis Intern

Requirements :

We currently need interns for research and analysis to work with the Research and Analysis team.


You will work directly with the Chairman’s office who is leading the Research and Analysis team. You will be assigned to conduct survey and in-person research on issues assigned.You will be given freedom to bring in your ideas related to the research on issues that matter with the youth population , more specifically concentrating on students. Your responsibilities will also include conducting and organizing discussion involving Student leaders and Representatives. The Governing Council, the decision making body of the organization, will be have the final say on your projects.

Specific Duties: 

The interns will be assigned to work on key initiatives that matters with City legislations.
There are key initiatives on political and social policies that the organization is currently involved in which needs thorough research.
The interns will have to show their skill in crafting new ideas to develop the key initiatives, which include building their own tool and methods. However, they should follow the guidelines provided.
The interns will have to coordinate with student leaders across the New York City colleges and universities. They will have to organize meeting with student representatives, conduct presentations and regular correspondence to update the research and analysis.
The interns will have to work closely with elected officials and administrative offices.
Writing, editing of the research paper and also its presentation are the major duties of the intern.

Pursuing a degree on political Science, Liberal Arts, Journalism from  an accredited college or university in New York City.
A track record of excellent academic performance (GPA 3.0+)
Well-developed written and oral communication skills
Strong understanding of political and societal platform.
Self-directed, with strong personal management and organization skills
Strong problem identification and problem solving skills.
A creative mind towards socio-political issues and Solid team player

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